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First-Time, Self-published Author.

Welcome to Thornwood. My home (A.k.a my mind) where my inventive content is all yours to see. I am a first time novelist who’s goal is to make big strides in the industry and go for any genre you can think of.
As a movie and book Fanatic, I wish to deliver a reading experience like no other. One that you can look forward to on both the written page and on a screen, both producing worlds that you can get lost into like a rabbit hole. I will deliver as much content as I can to entertain and maybe teach the viewer something. I hope, I'm not your English teacher.
On here you will find my recent posts through my Social Media, which you can find down below and my video content. 
Hope you all enjoy. No idea is too small and not worth expanding. 


Rhode Park was like any other prison. But, for Jim Ridge, he knew the true horror was behind the empty cells. 

On the 20th of October 2021, you will follow Jim and his journey back into the prison that made him to stop the curse and save his friends souls from uncertainty. Having seen the violence up close and in person, Jim fears what the dead will do in a prison break.

Own your copy of the supernatural horror on paperback, ebook and as an audiobook on the 20th of October on Amazon!


Work in Progress

What am I working on?

This is where I will be cryptic on what I'm writing new. Sorry.
Below you’ll find short descriptions about my upcoming books, also a collection of screenshots and behind the scenes information for videos that are available to watch on my YouTube channel. 



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