About the Author

George A. Thorn is a self-published author who has always had an eye for storytelling. Since his early days at school, George fell in love with English, where he discovered his talent for describing a scene. From there on out, scenes turned into acts, acts turned into chapters until finally an entire book; Nation was brought to the world in 2020.

Through self-publishing, he stepped into the world of novel writing and is anticipating the day when his next novel will be picked up, hoping to gain a larger audience to lose themselves in something different.

Not only that, but George is also an avid movie-goer and is able to bring his knowledge of the world of cinema into his own works through his Youtube work. Through there, he will be bringing to his growing fan base a collection of videos which are based around his written works as well as some other works of fiction only found through the square screen.

George's creative influences in writing and film are George Lucas, S. Craig Zahler, Quentin Tarantino and Derek Landy.


At this time, George has created a screenplay which is in the process of been discovered by talent agencies.