Written Works

NATION. A western fantasy.

Released: 31/05/2020

Set in a fictional version of the USA in 1902, NATION follows the events of Ray McCarthy, an outlaw on the run since the end of the American civil war. His name has been tied to the most heinous of crimes and stories spanning decades across numerous states. 
When being discovered and invited to the White House by acting President Theodore Roosevelt, Ray has to lay everything down, as crazy as it sounds, the President is ready to listen and so is his administration. 


A western mixed with fantasy elements, combined in a historical setting, NATION is a novel that combines the imaginative power of fantasy magic mixed with the real-life history of the United States during its period of becoming the superpower that it is today.
NATION is only the start, the start of something more.



RELEASED: 18/10/2020

They may be dead, but they've got a lot to say. Skely Stories is a small novelty book with a collection of haiku poetry centred around the undeads previous occupations. A great pocket book for all lovers of Halloween. People are quick to say our lives are short, like haikus they are short yet beautiful. Some are gloomy, some are hopeful. And these skeletons don't hold back their thoughts. What have they got to lose?



RELEASED: 29/01/2021

After a school reunion turns sour, three best friends now take


their school memories into their own hands. But as they trail


deeper into the childhood woods of their small rural Alaskan


town they discover something that shakes them to their core


and they wished the stories their parents told them about it


was true.


Film, Media and Youtube



You get what you paid for at THORNWOOD video. This series of documentaries are dedicated to certain people and certain events. I go over in easy to digest fashion about the topics discussed. 


Oh, and do remember to rewind the tape when you're done. 

Remembrance: A Short Film.

The woods seem quiet at first, peaceful, all you can hear are the thoughts in your head with the faint brushing of leaves in the wind. 

That is until one day, one old man, minding his own business, hears the shriek of a woman in the distance and goes to find her.

Dashboard Dissect

Dashboard Dissect, a movie review show with George and his friends.

Everyone has their stance and thoughts on a movie, processed on the journey home until it's time to park up. George and Co. park up and hit the siren to cut up their cadaver of its Pitri positives and Gut outs before giving it a rating.  


On his own, cooped away for so long in the dark with only his voice to showcase himself, Jack Walter finally is unveiled in these short storytime videos.

 In three videos, Walter slowly brings out his character as he finally appears on the screens of millions telling creepy stories to keep you grasping onto your bed covers.